Greyson Chance Slams Ellen DeGeneres in Rolling Stone

In what seems to be a turn of events, singer Greyson Chance is firing at none other than Ellen DeGeneres for her behavior.

This bombshell news, coming as shocking and surprising to many since Chance got his start on Ellen, is now spreading all across social media. The singer stated that the talk show host really was not there to

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The Equilibria Sleep Product I Can’t Stop Recommending

Even Beyonce has trouble sleeping, yet when I started struggling with falling and staying asleep, I thought it was just my problem. ​​You see, the phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” has never been something to come out of my mouth. I’ve just never had an issue with getting quality shut-eye. But with work deadlines, personal responsibilities, and, let’s be

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I’m a former Safeway employee – these are my tips for

FORMER Safeway employees have revealed five tips for shopping at the grocer, and why you should avoid self-checkout.

BestLife Magazine pulled five anecdotes from former Safeway employees from Reddit, and one of them said that self-check-out always gives customers issues.


Safeway is owned by AlbertsonsCredit: Getty

The first piece of advice was not to be surprised if you

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U.S. Homeowners Judge Their Neighbors For 3 Key Things,

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that your neighbors are secretly judging your home? Bad news — they probably are. In a new state-by-state study, home services site Angi found that when it comes to passing judgment, Americans are most likely to side-eye three things: a messy yard, a cluttered house, and a smelly

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Video: Venerable Canon 5D Mark II has nearly 2.3 million

The Canon 5D Mark II is an extremely popular camera that many photographers still use today. However, few 5D cameras have been as well-loved and oft-used as the one YouTuber FoxTailWhipz purchased from used gear retailer MPB. FoxTailWhipz purchased a camera with 2,269,757 total shutter actuations, far exceeding Canon’s shutter rating of 150,000 actuations.

The Canon 5D Mark II was

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