New Tomb Raider Game Details Reportedly Leaked

Info on the new Tomb Raider game has been reportedly leaked from a voice acting casting script. Under the codename Project Jawbreaker, the next Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics will apparently feature a more experienced Lara Croft as she works with “a group of fellow raiders” in an attempt to “protect artifacts” and save the world from “a mysterious cataclysm.”

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Lennox Lewis back in the ‘Lion’s Lair’ | Lifestyle

He is the true definition of a titan, armed with knowledge and experience that he is now sharing with youth in Jamaica, Lennox Claudius Lewis adds to his magnificent reputation as an undisputed heavyweight boxing champion and professional commentator in the sporting industry.

Born to Jamaican parents in London, Lewis has always been passionate to give back to the countries

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World Lung Cancer Day 2022: Lifestyle changes to reduce risk

World Lung Cancer Day 2022: Lung cancer is the fourth most common cancer in our country but can be preventable by making some healthy lifestyle changes. While there is no sureshot way to evade this cancer, quitting smoking is the first step towards minimising the risk of getting this deadly disease. It is a silent killer as there are rarely

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Mow the Grass at This Luxury Miami Home, Stay for Free

“Spoil yourself, you deserve it!”

That might be what you tell yourself seconds before booking a short-term rental property for a Miami vacation. Justify it by the water views and luxury amenities that come with an ultramodern three-bedroom, five-bathroom house complete with a heated saltwater infinity pool, hot tub, and all the necessities for a perfect long weekend.

For that,

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Monday Mind Talks: Expert suggested tips to stay efficient

ADHD is the most common chronic neurodevelopmental ailment. A person suffering from this condition faces differences in the development of the brain. The condition usually starts during childhood and can last long for years. People suffering from ADHD find it difficult to focus and require proper medication to ease the condition.

Today, we have two doctors on board who will

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