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All You Need to Know on Safety Travels with Dogs in Car

To a number of pet owners, these furry friends can actually get to be such members of the family as to be carried with us wherever it is that the family may be headed for. In fact, studies have actually showed that 60% of Americans carry their dogs with them when going out for travels. To many who have made it such a habit to travel with their dogs in their cars, they well enough acknowledge the fact that they will oftentimes get distracted by the dogs while driving. One thing that is so obvious is that these kinds of happenings quite prove to be a cause of danger while you are on the wheels on the highways. The following are some of the doggy travel tips that will sure go a long way in ensuring you avoid such instances when traveling with your dogs.

The one thing that you need to know of and appreciate is that when it comes to safety when traveling with the dogs is that no matter how trained or disciplined your dog may be, an unrestrained dog can be a sure cause of danger and as such you shouldnt ever leave them unrestrained when on travel. See the following for some of the ways that you can get to restrain your dog while traveling with them.

One of the ideas to think of is to use the ventilated pet crates. As a matter of fact, using the ventilated pet crates actually happens to be one of the safest ways to restrain your dogs when traveling either by bus, car, train or even plane. Ideally, it would as such be advisable for you to consider getting your pets used to their crates way into the travel. Consider making the crate as cozy and a place where the dogs will feel absolutely comfortable in. Consider having some cushions, comfortable blankets and some familiar toys so as to ensure that they get to be as comfortable as can be for the dogs.

Think of having the crate fastened firmly on the back seat of the car or on the trunk of the vehicle. If you are traveling with a dog larger in size, these can safely travel with a harness that will strap onto seatbelts. In order to ensure that your dogs get familiarized with these harnesses it would be advisable for you to make sure that you have a few practice runs with the dogs so as to make sure this is achieved. There are some of the dogs that are actually smaller in size such as the Yorkies which will sure fit comfortably inside your handbags. In case this is the kind of breed that sounds right for you, read more to know more about this dog breed.