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Appealing Figures

Appealing Figures Displaying figurines in your home can enhance the aesthetics of each room, but it can also be challenging at times because you might not know where to put them. There are a few tips and secrets that you can keep in mind when you’re trying to arrange Hallmark figurines and other items on shelves, end tables, and other surfaces in your home so that they look coordinated and pristine. Everything in your home doesn’t have to match.

It’s sometimes better to get decorations that vary in height and size. This will keep the rooms in your home from having a monotone appearance. When you begin setting up a display, consider putting taller items in front of those that are shorter and that are a different shape. An example would be candle holders of different sizes that are arranged in front of spherical decorations. Another idea would be to use different textures when you arrange decorations on tables and shelves. Combine decorations that are rough around the edges with those that are smooth for an interesting look. Since Hallmark figures often follow themes, such as animals or Disney characters, consider putting figurines that follow one theme in one room of your home. This will keep everything cohesive while giving each room its own personality as well. Try to change some of the figures during the year so that you don’t look at the same decorations every week and every month. Decorations often look better when you have three objects or odd numbers instead of an even number. You can use this idea when decorating tables and shelves or walls. If you’re trying to get your decorations to look appealing, then consider arranging them so that they look like a triangle when you look at them. If you have any doubts as to how to arrange figurines, then put a tray under them so that it’s easier to arrange them on the surface.