What Has Surprised Me About Preteens

Although I’ve found many stages hard (I could have skipped the first six months, tbh), I’ve loved parts of every age of parenthood: chubby one-year-olds with “doughy starfish hands,” Beatles-loving two-year-olds, three- and four-year-olds with magical thinking, five-year-olds wearing cowboy boots, opinionated seven-year-olds…

But when it came to parenting older kids, I didn’t really know what to expect. Pop culture

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The Equilibria Sleep Product I Can’t Stop Recommending

Even Beyonce has trouble sleeping, yet when I started struggling with falling and staying asleep, I thought it was just my problem. ​​You see, the phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” has never been something to come out of my mouth. I’ve just never had an issue with getting quality shut-eye. But with work deadlines, personal responsibilities, and, let’s be

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The Top 5 Street Style Trends I Saw at NYFW

At the beginning of September, I packed my bags (meticulously, might I add), boarded a plane, and headed out for the Super Bowl of the fashion industry: New York Fashion Week. While the main prerogative is to gather info on what to expect in future seasons (all collections shown were for spring and summer 2023), a close runner-up is observing

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How to Invite a Disabled Friend Over

The first time my friend Ann invited me over to her house, I had to pretend I was a spy. As I spotted her front door, up a staircase partially without rails, I knew I couldn’t get to it without a little ingenuity.

I took a deep breath and looked around. Were there any sticks I could lean on for

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Let’s Find This Reader A First-Day-of-School Outfit!

Recently, a Cup of Jo reader reached out for help finding a first-day-of-school outfit…

“This year, I’m turning 40 and making a career shift,” wrote Anne. “I start law school in the fall, just as my oldest child starts kindergarten (we get to buy school supplies together!). I’m excited but nervous about being pegged as ‘the old lady,’ so on

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