10 Dinners With an Egg on Top

Alex is the chef in our family (he kills at broccoli quesadillas and chicken parm meatballs), but last week, he was out of town, so the boys and I were on our own. Unfortunately, I am — how should I put this — not a great cook. So, I figured we’d just shop the fridge:

But then I started brainstorming:

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A Trick for Staying Present

Last Sunday was one of those perfect fall days in New York City that make you forget all the reasons this city drives you nuts and fall in love with it all over again. So, I left my phone at home, and nine-year-old Anton and I took off on a bike ride. We bump-bump-bumped over cobblestone streets and passed couples

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21 Family Board Games that Are Actually Fun

When my kids were 3 and 6 and I was slouched over Chutes and Ladders, dying inside and wishing the fire alarm would go off to break up the afternoon, I couldn’t picture this: those same kids, 19 and 22 now, clearing away the dinner dishes, turning off their phones, and laying out the Settlers of Catan tiles, before trash-talking

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5 No-Recipe Recipes for Fall

I love this time of year for easy cooking — we still have the last of corn and tomatoes but it comes with the advent of cooler weather, calling for cozy comfort foods. Here are five of my favorite no-recipe recipes for the season…

Polenta with Roast Tomatoes and Vegetables
Polenta is a good thing to remember on those nights

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The Time Traveler’s Husband | Cup of Jo

Photo #1: At age 17, I’m sporting a layered shag, highlighted in skunky streaks. I’m wearing a Blondie T-shirt, even though I have no idea who Blondie is, and holding a portable phone against my face with one ticked-up shoulder. My hands are thrown up in surprise as my mother catches me with her camera on my way out the

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