Determined KC Chiefs’ Frank Clark Reveals Lifestyle Change

Anyone who’s followed Frank Clark’s career with the Kansas City Chiefs can agree that the 29-year-old’s tenure with the team has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Back in 2019, it was Clark who received a massive contract by the club after being acquired via trade, then came up huge in some of the most critical

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conrad chia laguna resort combines sardinian traditions with

conrad chia laguna resort by studio marco piva


When Studio Marco Piva stepped into CONRAD Chia Laguna Hotel and Resort in Sardinia, the theme of wild place and authenticity sprang to mind. The azure coast, white and beige sand, specks of trees rooted in rocky hills, and the airy atmosphere provoked the design studio to guarantee an architecture in Sardinia

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6 lifestyle tips to keep brain healthy and strong

The brain is a complex organ with billions of neurons in it. It has various complex networks, that are helpful for the normal functioning of the body. This decides the way we behave, feel and perceive the world around us and respond to it. So, it is essential to preserve it by following lifestyle tips to keep your brain healthy.

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Cherries are packed with these ‘good-for-you nutrients’; can

“The red yellow variety from Kashmir is equally healthy and sweet as compared to the dark red ones,” said Dr Rachna Agarwal

Cherries stimulate pheromone production and have high amounts of melatonin, an antioxidant.
(Source: Thinkstock Images)

Cherries are one of the most loved fruits. The small,

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Living the beta/developer build lifestyle isn’t for

Some reading this might know this about me, while others have no clue who I am. Part of that can be attributed to my lack of engagement on Twitter, or really any other social media platform. 

I’m someone who endlessly scrolls Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram without actually posting much or interacting with the content, save for a few likes or

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