5 Simple Hobbies To Help You Lead an Incredibly Healthy

If you want to lead an incredibly healthy lifestyle, but don’t have extra time to spare for the gym, you’re certainly not alone. What if you could get in better shape, burn extra calories, and create healthy habits without traditional exercise? Yes—it’s possible! Just start by adding a few simple and fun hobbies to your routine that will enhance your

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Tinian Twins get into Harvard | Lifestyle

Twin sisters from Tinian have gotten into their dream school, Harvard University, and are spending their last summer at home before flying to Boston, Massachusetts, for their first fall semester.

Cielo and Isa Long, the 17-year-old daughters of Arley Long and Phillip Long from Carolinas Heights, Tinian, opened their acceptance letters together.

“At first, I was extremely nervous because this

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Training your brain to reduce risk of dementia

What if we could train our brains to keep dementia at bay? A new U.S. research study is trying to find a viable way.

Why it matters: The number of Alzheimer’s cases in the U.S. is rising as baby boomers age, but hopes of a miracle cure are far away. Now researchers are looking for evidence that lifestyle changes might

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Impact of teeth aligners on daily lifestyle: Dentists share

Teeth malalignment can cause risk of cavities, uneven tooth attrition and periodontal disease which damages the supporting structures of teeth. Hence, teeth aligners come into action – they are aesthetic and comfortable for orthodontic treatment specifically in adults. Teeth aligners are used for several functions – usually made up of thermoplastic materials with high strength and high modulus of elasticity,

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Simple lifestyle changes that will help lose belly fat

Maintaining a trim waistline will benefit you in more ways than one. It can help you live longer by reducing the chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, and, in some cases, even cancer.

Abdominal fat, also termed visceral fat, is the fat that is stored deep beneath the muscle in the belly, around organs such as the liver, intestines,

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