Find Hidden Spy Cameras With These Helpful Tips in Homestay

Homestays allow travellers to stay like locals on their trip and enjoy the surroundings to the fullest. However, hidden cameras at such homestays and hotels breach privacy and security. Property owners need to disclose if cameras are installed on the premises before you check in, even if they are not in working condition. While hotels and homestays may have CCTV around the reception area, cameras cannot be installed in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Here are some helpful tips you can save for your next trip:

1. Physical search

Always start by physically searching for cameras in the room. Level up your observation skills. Start looking for cameras in areas like bathrooms and bedrooms. If the lamp or any other gadget looks out of place, inspect it. Check the smoke detectors, thermostats, electrical outlets, tissue boxes, wall sockets, desk plants, and wall decors.

2. Mobile Phones

You can put your mobile phone to use. Turn off all the lights and turn on the flashlight on your phone. The tip is that most camera lenses, even the tiniest ones, reflect light. Any spy camera would reflect light too. If you spot a reflection, go check it out.

Apart from this, you can switch on your phone’s camera. Turn off the lights. Smartphone cameras typically can view infrared (IR) light sources. As a result, it may be possible that your phone could help you detect a hidden camera via the infrared light it emits.

3. Camera detecting instruments

Spy Camera detectors, which are easily available online, can scan for radio frequencies connected to hidden cameras. But the detector will only work if the camera is transmitting data. Many of the cameras now have SD cards that stores data.

4. Cover suspicious items with a towel

If you find a device in your room, but it looks odd, unplug it and cover it with a towel. Or you can hide it in a drawer or cupboard.

If you find a camera, report it to the front desk or the police and find alternative accommodation.

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