Get Inspired From These Fashion Ideas By Zayn Malik

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Boyband member turned successful solo singer and ex-boyfriend of Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik takes dressing seriously. Malik is never hesitant to try new things, keeping him on the cutting edge of menswear trends.

He knows how to dress, whether he’s rocking the must-have brand of this decade or sporting a full Versace ensemble with a Terminator edge at the Met Gala. Malik is the master of a great pair of thin jeans and a great statement piece of armor or leather, while Harry Styles may be winning the prize for the best wide-leg trousers and pussy-bow blouses.

Even though he doesn’t make many red-carpet appearances, when he does, he always does so in flair, which is why we named him our Most Stylish Man Of The Year award in 2017.

When it comes to his dress choices, Zayn Malik likes to be extremely experimental. In addition to being a talented singer and composer, Zayn also uses his sense of style as a creative outlet. Harry Styles, Zayn’s former One Direction bandmate, may be rocking the Gucci looks, but the Bradford-born musician understands how to turn a basic pair of jeans into sharp streetwear.

Zayn started wearing his bomber jacket in 2012, long before most of us realized they would become popular at some time. Even now, people still wear it often.

In 2015, wearing a necktie became a popular trend among fashion bloggers, but Zayn was ahead of the curve, giving his suit at the 2014 BRIT Awards a pirate-like allure with a rolled-up scarf and prominent rings.

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