Halloween Ends Trends as Horror Fans Get Hyped for the

Last year saw the release of Halloween Kills, the second collaboration between Blumhouse, director David Gordon Green, and Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the third installment to their trilogy, Halloween Ends, which is expected to acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic and “peculiar politics.” The movie is only a few months away from being released, and horror fans are starved for a trailer. Thankfully, Curtis took to Twitter this week and simply wrote “7/20,” which has everyone convinced that’s when the trailer will drop. In honor of the long-awaited footage, many fans have posted some hilarious memes and expressed their excitement for the trailer.

“This Halloween, we will experience Laurie’s last stand. It’s gonna f— you up,” Curtis teased when presenting the first Halloween Ends footage on stage at CinemaCon in April. Calling her role as the Halloween franchise’s original “final girl” the “ride of my life,” Curtis said that after more than 40 years, “I had no idea … that this character would become the most important relationship of my entire career and professional life.” She added, “I’m grateful because Laurie Strode is the OG final girl. She’s the one that term apparently was created for … The one that won’t be stopped, won’t be killed, will face the monsters when others run, and over the years, that has taken on obviously new dimensions.”

You can check out some of the fun reactions to the upcoming Halloween Ends trailer below… 

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