How to choose shoes for men

How to choose shoes for men

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend, husband, father, grandfather or friend with a new pair of shoes? Of course you will have to start by knowing their shoe size. But besides that there are a few things to consider before buying someone a pair of shoes. What color will this person appreciate? And what kind of model will look good on them? Continue reading to get some tips about this.

The right color

The color of the pair of shoes you will buy is very important. Some people really like bright colors and make statements with their shoes. Other people might only wear black and white, while others wear shades of brown. Which color you will choose depends on the person you want to surprise. Think about what kind of colors they like to wear in their clothing and determine what kind of shoes will fit with their clothing. If they wear a lot of earthy colors you can look for something that will match this. Look at the webshop of Aurelien for example.

Pick a good size

A shoe must fit! It’s necessary to know the size of the person you’re buying a pair of shoes for. If the size is not good it won’t be comfortable walking, so there will be a big chance the person won’t wear the shoes at all. If someone is between sizes or you’re just not sure of their size it’s good to keep the receipt of the purchase. If the pair of shoes won’t fit they can return it and get another size. Another option is to take them to the store to fit or try to figure out how many centimeters or inches their feet are.


The kind of model will determine the whole style of the shoe. Desert shoes mens are a good option to search for if you’re looking for something else than sneakers. Desert shoes are formal and casual at the same time, so they’re multifunctional. Other options are classic sneakers, loafers or ankle boots. It depends on what the person likes wearing and what the occasion is.


Buying shoes for men is very different from women’s shoes. Luckily there is still a lot to choose from. You just need to know the right size or keep the receipt. Besides that the type of color and model is really important.