Lady Gaga shares eight ways to unlock your true potential

A singer, an idol and an enigma —Lady Gaga is many things to many people. Known for her fashion, live performances and self-empowering messages, she shared some crucial ways to unlock your full potential.

Be yourself

Gaga believes that she has stuck to being true to herself to give life to her visions. She does not allow, no matter how successful she becomes, for the public to define or indicate what is liked and what is not.

Find your inspiration

The singer is motivated not only by what she sees but also by what her fans desire to do. Inspiration can strike at any time, and she considers it a dreamlike vision that she enjoys creating for people.

Have perspective

Changing what you do, based on what other people say, makes you completely lose yourself in a way that constantly affects you by what’s around you. She is big on perspective which she prioritises.

Find balance

Whatever it is that you’re working on, it is necessary to maintain balance within friendships, family and work, and not get completely sucked in by just one. She stresses a lot about maintaining a healthy relationship with your parents.

Keep going

Practice is key because getting lucky is not a choice one gets to make for themselves. She believes in doing it over and over again until you’re discovered.

Motivate others

Gaga keeps her ego in check by always being conscious of empowering people around her. She makes sure that everyone in her team knows that they all play the same as her.

Do things your way

Be it quitting a prestigious school or wanting to air unusual music videos on domestic television, she has always liked doing things on her own terms and this is how she believes helped her come such a long way.

Be provocative

It’s not just about attracting people’s attention; it’s about creating something that has a meaningful, positive impact on them.

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