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Tips for Choosing an Event Venue

Choosing the right event venue is a crucial part in planning an event. You need to do some research on the place so you can determine whether or not it is indeed what you want or need. You don’t want any surprises on the day itself, so it’s always best to be informed beforehand. We all know that venue rentals come with so many concerns, such as parking, setup and cleanup rules, handicap accessibility and so on. Before you begin searching for prospective venues for your event, keep these tips in mind:

Your Needs

First off, get a good idea of the number of guests who will be attending, the room setup you want, your capacity needs, the time of the event and your budget. If you are aware of what you need as against what you want, you can prioritize more effectively in terms of what must stay and what you may give up if called for.

Research Prior to Visit

When looking an event venue, you can save time and energy by just searching online and making a phone call or two. At this stage of your research, you can already learn so much regarding a certain location – how much it costs, any packages they offer, the interior (or exterior) design, availability, etc. The idea is to know exactly what to ask and to write all your questions down.

Here are some you might consider:Below are a few that you may consider:The following are some that you might consider: Do you have a room good for this number of attendees? Are you available on this date? How much do we pay for the room? Do you have a minimum spending requirement for food and beverage? Can you email me a copy of your menu or is it available on your website? Does the room allow natural lighting (or anything important to you)?

Site Visits

Once you have done your initial research, pick at least three of your best options and set up a visit with every one of them. There’s no need to stay so long, but you should have an hour at least so you can inspect the place to the last details. This is the wisdom behind initial online and phone research. Personal visits don’t only take up your time, but they cost you some too.

The Location

Besides a venue having everything that you need for your event, you should also ensure that the neighborhood will be safe for everyone. Drive around the place and try to get a general feel for the area. This is also a perfect opportunity for you to check out the shops, restaurants or entertainment areas that are nearby. As much as possible, you’d like the place to be as safe and convenient for everyone who will be at your event.

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