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Natural Hair Color

If you are searching for an all natural hair color, there are quite a few shades available in products that are good for your hair. However, be aware that the color shades shown are an approximate representation because individual results will vary depending on the condition of the hair, the amount of gray, the actual color of the existing hair, and the presence of other chemicals or dyes. It is recommended to perform a strand test at a minimum of 48 hours before applying the dye to your entire head so you can see the color and also check for any allergies.

The key to beautiful and healthy hair for women and men is the use of pure botanical ingredients that are derived from nature and incorporate the vital energy and therapeutic values of plants. Additionally, millions of people also need a natural hypoallergenic hair dye. Henna is thought to be the greatest herb on earth and can revive your hair and scalp if you have suffered problems.

Most chemical dyes contain bleaching agents such as peroxide or ammonia, which damage the outer layer of the hair shaft and create capillaries to deposit the hair dye inside. Further applications do the same to the hair shafts, and that results in loss of strength and gradually damages the hair and scalp. A natural dye hair color with herbs coats the hair shaft, provides thickness and strength to the hair, creates shine, adds vibrancy and radiance, and enriches the hair with essential oil.

The 100 percent natural and pure quality henna has been grown in Rajasthan, India, for generations and is widely acclaimed to be the source of the best henna in the world. There are no added chemicals, and it is considered to be safe and effective. The highly sifted henna along with herbs is made into a paste that is easy to apply, rinses out of the hair easily, gives excellent coverage of gray, and is beneficial to the hair and scalp as it nourishes and conditions.

Color By Nature is all natural hair color available from Saba Botanical of USA. Their Color By Nature Lustrous Henna hair colors includes various shades of brunette, blonde, red, black, and others in between. Importantly, they do not contain Ammonia, PPD, Peroxide or other toxic or harsh chemicals and are 100 percent natural, organic, healthy, and highly effective. They create silky shiny hair and help with hair growth.