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Important Information on Fall Arrest Harnesses

It has been found that the main cause of major injuries and deaths in the workplaces is falling from heights. If you are working from a height of 6 feet or more, it is recommended that you wear a fall protection equipment like the fall arrest harness. For many employees, however, they only realize the need for fall protection systems once there are involved in a fall and they sustain injuries.

You should, however, not wait until you become a fall victim. However, always put on your personal fall arrest equipment when working at height. It is also an OSHA requirement that the right fall protection systems are put in place for workers working at heights. Fall arrest harnesses especially full body harnesses are usually often a preferred option because they distribute the force of a fall throughout the entire body.

Again, a full body safety harness is great for fall arrest since the user stays suspended upright if the fall occurs. Before rescue is offered, the safety harness offers support for the worker. You should, however, ensure that you wear the fall protection equipment correctly. To wear the safety harness correctly, you need to follow the procedure to make sure there is full protection. The fall risk will be high if the fall arrest equipment is worn incorrectly.

A decade ago, body belts were used but are now highly discouraged since fall forces concentrate on the waits or abdomen. Today, harnesses and lanyards are usually recommended. The appropriate harness should, however, be worn. You should look for the one that perfectly fit your situation and the anchorage point. You should make some consideration when choosing a safety harness such as the following.

1. Look at the padding.

Nowadays, user comfort has become an important factor to consider when choosing a safety harness. Initially, fall arrest harnesses were uncomfortable and rigid. This made it bothersome for the user. The modern harnesses have integrated padding to eliminate web straps discomfort.

The padding will also provide protection and comfort during the post-fall suspension and when the fall occurs. Also, the padding ensures that the harness hold to its shape which makes it easier to wear.

2. Consider the webbing.

The webbing technology has greatly evolved. Depending on your working environment, your safety harness webbing will make a huge difference. The modern safety harnesses have options that are heat-resistant, liquid-resistant, and even paint-resistant coatings. You will also find harnesses that have stretchable webbing which provides better ergonomics. Because of this, comfort and freedom of movement are increased. Based on your work environment, you will find webbing that is suitable for you.

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