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5 Essential Web Design Skills Every Blogger Should Know

Competition online has been tougher than ever, forcing even small blogs to step up their game. And if you want your blog to be noticed, you need to know how to design your site in a way that produces such result. Even if your blog is not meant for marketing purposes, a good design is still necessary to help attract and engage readers.

The following are five web design skills you should master for successful blogging:

Mobile User Optimization

It has been shown by several studies that mobile devices are now more popular than desktop computers in terms of Internet use. But using mobile devices comes with more reading challenges, owing to their smaller size. As a blogger, you need to know how to design your site in a way that makes it easier for people to read on it (for example, they can just stretch or scale the page). Most bloggers use a CMS (content management system) that includes this as a basic feature or offers plug-ins that create the same result.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website may have the best design, but unless people know it exists, it loses its value. You have to remember that search engines do not have formulas that assess the quality of your site, so when assigning you a spot in the search results, they will look at how people engage with your site, that is, through comments, links, reactions, and the rest. Simply put, it’s important that you know how to expand your audience by using the right SEO techniques, hence boosting your chances of increased visibility on search results pages.

Media Integration

Whether or not you’re a good videographer doesn’t erase the face that media can make a large contribution to your blog’s success. People often prefer self-introduction or how to info in video format rather than simple text and photos. If you can’t come up with a video for any reason, you can try using GIFs to make your posts come alive.

Logo Creation

Your logo will serve as your brand as a blogger. When people see it, they should get some picture of what your blog is about. Simultaneously, you’ll want your logo to blend with your target audience, such as bright and lively colors for a blog about kids and maybe more on basic or muted hues for a blog that offers legal advice.

Link Placement

Lastly, when creating web design for a monetization blog, be sure to put links in a way that makes them blend seamlessly with the rest of your design. Yes, it is possible to do this without causing distraction. You can check out some of the best-designed blogs to know how to do it, but mostly, it is about using complementary instead of contrasting colors and setting the right font sizes or even the right fonts.

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